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  1. Antek Restaraunt & Deli
  2. 105 Norman Ave. Phone: (718) 389-6859
    Want polish, you got it. The interior is done completely in red and white (the Polish national colors). You can brush up on your Polish beforehand, although there are bilingual menus on the tables. In a pinch, you can usually say one of the following in any Polish restaurant, and get it: Pierogi (stuffed dumpling), Kielbasa (sausage) or Golabki (stuffed cabbage). Order at the counter in back. Locate it.

  1. Christina's
  2. 853 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 383-4382
    Being located across the street from St. Anthony's church, Christina's can get crowded after Sunday services. The ambiance is more that of a traditional American diner, than the smaller and more intimate Polish restaurants of the neighborhood, but the food is good. Both Polish and American food is served. Locate it.

  1. Happy End
  2. 924 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 383-9862
    Behind a rundown facade hides this simple little family run Polish restaurant. The Happy End openly welcomes those that aren't familiar with the Polish langauge, and have English menus on-hand for that purpose. The End is on the greasier side of most. Locate it.

  1. Jagienka Restaurant
  2. 152 Driggs Ave. Phone: (718) 383-0049
    Simple and hardy Polish food for under 6 bucks. The television plays Polish broadcasts, but the wall mounted menu is bilingual. Order at the counter at the back. Mon.-Sat. 11:30am - 10pm, Sunday 11:30am - 9:30pm. Locate it.

  1. Lomzynianka
  2. 646 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 389-9493
    A step up, in both ambiance and ingredients, Lomzynianka is worth a try. If you want a crash course in the main Polish foods, order the "Polish Platter" (pierogies, kielbasa, stuffed cabbage, bigos and potatos) for only $5.50. Also worth a try is the white borscht. Bring your own beer/wine; they welcome it, but do not sell it on the premises. Table-top menus are bilingual. Locate it.

  1. Old Poland
  2. 192 Nassau Ave. Phone: (718) 349-7775
    This is the Polish Restaurant with the castellated awning and the standing suit of armor. The food is good, if the interior is a bit frugal. Bakery on hand for desert. Locate it.

  1. Polska Restauracja (a.k.a. Polish Restaurant)
  2. 136 Greenpoint Ave. Phone: (718) 389-8368
    One of the few Polish restaurants up at the North end of Greenpoint. Table service, full bar and most menu items for $5.50 and under. Open noon - 9pm daily. Locate it.

  1. Polmart
  2. Corner of Nassau Ave. and Diamond St.
    A healthy portion of Sauerkraut with Kielbasa and mashed potatoes for under $4. Perfect for a Polish picnic in the park. The prepared food counter is in the back left corner. Seating is not available, but McGolrick park is nearby. Locate it.

  1. Restauracja Relax
  2. 68A Newell St.. Phone: (718) 389-1665
    Relax can get crowded around lunch and dinner time, but it is always possible to share a table. The quality of food is high, while the prices stay around $4.50 a plate. Unlike most local Polish restaurants, not all orders automatically come with a side order of salad. Locate it.

    Continental 11 Newel St. Phone: (718) 383-2768 Locate it.
  1. Paloma
  2. 60 Greenpoint Ave. Phone: (718) 349-2400
    Opened in mid-2005, Paloma is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Modern urban interior with servings such as trout, steak, burgers and vegetarian. A full bar is on hand, as well as occasional artistic/musical events. Locate it.

  1. Queen's Hideaway
  2. 222 Franklin St. (between Green and Huron) Phone: (718) 383-2355
    Serving up Soul Food at the northern end of Greenpoint, the Queen's Hideaway has caught a consistent crowd. Opinions vary as to price to portions, but most agree the food is good. Small yard out back. Locate it.

Burgers & Sandwiches
  1. Apollo Deli
  2. 38 Apollo St.. Phone: (718) 302-7047
    These sandwiches sustain contractors, plumbers and construction crews. Tucked a few blocks east of Monsignor McGolrick Park, the Apollo Deli has indoor and outdoor seating (weather permitting). They also serve breakfast and burgers. Open Monday - Friday 6:30am - 4pm, and Saturdays from 8am - 3pm. Free delivery with $10 order. Locate it.

  1. Luncheonette Fountain
  2. Nassau Avenue at N. Henry Street
    This is where the neighborhood gets their burgers and ice-cream. $1.25 cheese-burgers with fresh made patties. Also goes by the name "B's" (as that's the woman behind the counter) or "The Greeks". Literally a greasy spoon, but don't let the facade turn you away. Across the street from Monsignor McGolrick Park. Open until 11pm. Locate it.

  1. Frank & Son Hero Shop
  2. 356 McGuinnes Blvd. Phone: (718) 383-4175
    Immerse yourself in the Hollywood mobster motif. There's even mobster movies playing on the TV monitor. Heros, sandwiches and soups, as well as Italian fare and friendly service. Slightly off the beaten path, but worth the trip. On the North East corner of Green and McGuinnes Boulevard, just before the Pulaski Bridge. Open until 3pm. Locate it.

  1. Franklin Corner Store
  2. 210 Franklin St. Phone: (718) 389-8524
    It's tough not to find a favorite sandwich here, as the variety seems endless. Even with the vast selection, they will happily customize one. Grab a stool at the big windows, or sit at one of the tables outfront. Hot coffee on-hand. Breakfast is also available, as well as burgers. Locate it.

  1. God Bless Deli
  2. 818 Manhattan Ave.
    $3 Burger with fries, 24 hours a day. There are also other hot and cold sandwiches to choose from. No seating, but the steps of St. Anthony's church are just half a block away. If sitting on the church steps, be considerate of the neighborhood's religous pride.
    Locate it.

  1. Madalis's Food Center
  2. Corner of Eagle St. and Franklin Ave.
    This corner bodega now has a grill. Basic fare, from burgers and steak sandwiches to French fries and onion rings. Spanish checkers is played in the back aisle, or streetside, when weather's permitting. Locate it.

  1. My Place
  2. 109 Franklin St. Phone: (718) 349-6865
    Burgers, as well as an assortment of sandwiches served, including Cuban, Philly Cheese, Veggie Burger, etc. Thai as well as Latin on the menu, all reasonably priced. Full bar and bottled beer. Hours are somewhat eratic, so call ahead if it's not the middle of the day. Across the street from the Pencil Factory. Free delivery. Locate it.

  1. Palace Fried Chicken
  2. Corner of Manhattan and Nassau Ave.
    Located at the entrance to the G line at Nassau Avenue, P.F.C. serves fried chicken, as well as burgers late. Open until 2:30am, it's the perfect stopping point if you're returning from a late night in the city, or from down there on Bedford Ave. Locate it.
  1. Chinese Musician Restaurant
  2. 151 Greenpoint Ave. Phone: (718) 383-5340
  3. Delivery and take-out available, but the Chinese Musician is built to be a sit down restaurant. The portions are big, and the menu is diverse. Lunch specials (served from 11:30am to 4pm daily - except holidays) are a great deal, most priced under $5. Just a Half a block from Manhattan Avenue. Open 11:30am - 11pm.

  1. Great Wall No. 1
  2. 954 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 349-8424

  1. Hop Lee
  2. 992 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 389-47556

  1. Shanghai Lee
  2. 645 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 389-7143
    Sit down restaurant.
  1. Luncheonette Fountain (a.k.a. "B's" or "The Greeks")
  2. Nassau Avenue at N. Henry Street
    This is where the neighborhood gets their burgers and ice-cream. $1.25 cheese-burgers with fresh made patties. Also goes by the name "B's" (as that's the woman behind the counter) or "The Greeks". Literally a greasy spoon, but don't let the facade turn you away. Across the street from Monsignor McGolrick Park. Open until 11pm. Locate it.

  1. Manhattan Three Decker Restaurant
  2. 695 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 389-6664
    An American diner, with an added variety of triple-decker sandwiches on the menu. If you're staying at the Greenpoint YMCA, breakfast here is included (and yes, proof is required). Locate it.

  1. Rudy's Place
  2. 180 Franklin St. Phone: (718) 383-4394
    As of Spring 2004, out of 82 items on the menu, only 12 are over $5.00. Rudy's serves both breakfast and lunch, closing at 4pm daily. Monday - Friday: 6:30am - 4pm; Saturday: 10am - 4pm. Free delivery with $4 minimum. Locate it.

  1. Socrates Restaurant
  2. 931 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 349-7501
    An Americanised Greek restaurant, with good fare in the ambiance of an American diner. For special Greek courses take note of the daily lunch specials. Standard American food is also available. Locate it.

  1. Sunset Diner
  2. 593 Meeker Ave. Phone: (718) 349-2777
    Located at the southern edge of Greenpoint. The menu is all inclusive, including specialty sandwiches named after many Hollywood celebrities. The "Pamela Anderson", "David Letterman" and the "John Wayne" are just some examples of the sandwiches to be had for under $6. Free delivery as well as daily specials. Locate it.

  1. Uncle Paulie's Restaurant
  2. Greenpoint Avenue and Monitor Street
    As quoted by the New York Times, the owner, Paul Pedro Jr. said: "People are most happy when they're eating. I give 'em a nice, full plate. If they're still hungry, I fill it up." Locate it.
  1. Baldo's Brick Oven Pizza
  2. 175 Nassau Ave. Phone: (718) 349-7770
    Some argue this is the best pizza in the neighborhood. It's definitely brick oven pizza, as the ovens are prominently displayed. Try it, and judge for yourself. Locate it.

  1. Carmine's Original Pizzeria
  2. 93 Norman Ave. Phone: (718) 383-0417
    A little hole-in-the-wall pizza joint. Few seats but good pizza (which is what it's all about). Locate it.

  1. Divine Follie
  2. 929 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 389-6770
    A nice sit-down Italian restaurant, with a rear garden open when weather permits. Divine Follie serves a wide variety of traditional Italian fare, as well as fresh tiramisu and espresso. Sandwiches are also available, as well as an affordable brunch menu. They deliver, with a minimum $10 purchase. Locate it.

  1. Italy Pizza
  2. 800 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 383-9079
    Here it's not only pizza, but a considerable assortment of sandwiches too. A partial sandwich list includes: chicken cutlet, meatballs, sausage, sausage & peppers, mozzarella & eggs... all for under $5. Locate it.

  1. L.A. Italian Restorante
  2. 887 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 383 7183
    When you walk in, you might think you're seeing Mamma Mia herself. With sleeves rolled up, she's ready to get down to business: making your food. From pizza to spaghetti, linguini to sandwiches. Price ranges from $4.25 to $18. Delivery with $10 minimum.
    Locate it.

  1. Monsignor's Italian Restaurant
  2. 905 Lorimer St. Phone: (718) 963-3399
    Seafood, Italian style: scallops, shrimp, scungli, mussels, lobster etc. for $10 - $14. They also have lunch and dinner specials from $6 - $10. Located on the corner of Lorimer Street and Bedford Avenue, across from McCarren Park. Free delivery with minimum $10 order. Closed Mondays. Locate it.

  1. Pizza Prince
  2. 84 Nassau Ave. Phone: (718) 383-9155
    Conveniently located near the Nassau Avenue stop and McCarren park. Delivery available.
    Locate it.

  1. Russ Pizza
  2. 745 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 383-9463
    Located at the middle of Manhattan Avenue. Pizza, calzones, and sub sandwiches, as well as pasta dishes. Open everyday from 11am - 11pm, with delivery available. $1.60 per slice at the counter. Locate it.

  1. Triangolo Pizza
  2. 1017 Manhattan Ave.
    Pizza, calzones and a photograph of Steven Segal. Need we say more. Locate it.
Mexican, Latin American & Carribean
  1. Acapulco Restaurant
  2. 1116 Manhattan Avenue Phone: (718)349-8429
    Acapulco Restaurant has become popular with the local Anglo populace, and this is especially true on weekends. Breakfast is cheap, and lunch and dinner are reasonably priced. You can also brush up on your Spanish, since the TV is always on. Locate it.

  1. Bleu Drawes
  2. 97 Commercial St. Phone: (718) 349-8501
    The food is delicious and the service is freindly. Jamaican specialties are served during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, try the desert after which the cafe takes its name: warm cinnamon-spiced sweet-potato pudding served in a banana leaf and coconut milk. Open Tues.-Wed. 7:30 - 5 p.m., Thurs.-Fri. until 10 p.m., Sat. 10:30 - 10 p.m. and Sun. until 9 p.m. On the northern periphery of Greenpoint. Locate it.

  1. Fresco Tortillas
  2. 620 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 389-8818
    Located just south of Nassau Avenue, Fresca Tortilla serves Tortillas, Tacos, Quesadillas, Burritos etc. Fresh ingredients, with most menu items under $5.00. If your heading for the park, be sure to grab your own utensils and a napkin. Locate it.

  1. Naranjito Bar & Restaurant
  2. 162 Franklin St. Phone: (718) 339-1529
    Two choices during the lunch special ($4.50), which changes daily. The portions are big, even if the menu is limited. Oxtail soup is recomended. Bottled beers as well as a full bar. Breakfast, lunch and dinner Mon - Sat. Delivery available. Locate it.

  1. P 'N' A Deli
  2. 1122 Manhattan Ave.
    Hot Latin food is served behind this Bodega facade, where the portions are big and the price is inexpensive. $4.50 gets you beef stew over rice and beans. They also serve half-chicken, plantains, etc. There's no seating inside, but the northern end of Manhattan Ave. is nearby, where you can sit on the bank of Newtown Creek. Locate it.
  1. Amarin Café
  2. 617 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 349-2788
    Step out of the surrounding kielbasa fest. Delicious Thai just off the Polish strip of Nassau Avenue. Delivery available. Locate it.

  1. Erb Everyday Thai (formerly Thai Too)
  2. 681 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 349-8215
    Erb blends into the motley facades of mid-block Manhattan Avenue, so it is often overlooked, but it shouldn't be. Some contend it's the best Thai in the neighborhood. Good food with friendly service. Delivery available. Locate it.

  1. Moon Shadow
  2. 643 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 609-1841
    Moon Shadow recieves rave reviews, without dissent. Free delivery. Located on the corner of Bedford and Manhattan. Locate it.

  1. OTT
  2. 970 Manhattan Ave. Phone:
    Opened in 2004, OTT is a new Thai contender in the neighborhood, with food equal to its competitors. Try it and see. The service is friendly and personable. Delivery available. Locate it.

  1. Thai Cafe
  2. 925 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 383-3562
    People beget people, or so it would seem. Thai Cafe is almost always crowded. If you want spicy, make sure that you specify your preference, as they may err on the side of caution. Delivery available. Locate it.
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